About us

By the time you've decided to sell your property has become part of the real estate market and our experience shows that there is a sale easier because there are many factors that influence it such as: tax, legal, fiscal, mortgage and commercial.

Above all it is very important that your property goes to market with the resulting price of professional judgment in this way are not lost sales opportunities.

We will take care of all these steps if we are given the opportunity to advise you.


We drove to his house to meet him personally and take all the necessary data: location, distribution, quality, condition, common areas, environment, services, etc ... and then we made the information package as defined in the Royal Decree. 218/2005, October 11, which approves the regulation of consumer information.


With the data collected, the help of professionals and a comparative study of other existing offers and especially the operations already performed, we assess as accurate as possible, this way you realize the sales price that is more in line with current market circumstances.



Advantages that will work with this system


§ A single contact, avoids having to continually repeat different private estate and their data, their property and their personal circumstances.

§ treatment professional will be assisted by a qualified consultant with experience in the sector that will monitor your property custom, thus avoiding dealing with people who are dedicated to this profession eventually.

§ Product knowledge; By knowing the characteristics of the property in detail we can avoid mistakes that unprofessional comment intermediaries engaged in telephone data collection.

§ Specialized in an area; By focusing on a specific area know their supply, demand and prices, enabling us to recommend the right price to sell your property.

§ Single price, the sale price is set according to the owner and under the criteria of professional and objective assessment of your real estate consultant, thus, the price will be the same for all eliminating the bad image that causes a building to the sale at different prices, and avoid unpleasant surprises with various real estate fees. Never lowers the price before the close of the transaction.

§ Portfolio reduced, a real estate consultant who works with this system has a reduced property portfolio and does not consent to work at any price, customers can select and devote special attention to them.

§ Marketing Plan serious and committed, we use much of our time to analyze the most effective advertising media and publishing them your offer, allocating the necessary financial investment.

§ Planned visits; avoid repeated visits to the same buyer through various real estate, you will be notified in sufficient time to have the house perfectly organized. No visits will make haste, or at odd hours

§ Do not lose sales opportunities, facilitate any possibility of a customer purchase the other property contributed or even by the owner, overseeing the operation to the end to ensure their interests.

§ Increased valuation, and this effect is achieved because it increases their expectation, because society generally prefers what is not worldwide.

§ Increased transparency, where we provide information to a prospective buyer we are forced to ignore, or say half certain data for fear that the customer contact the owner.

§ Increased percentage of success; With a well planned marketing plan, a system perfectly organized sales and customer classification buyer in interviews prior to the visit, we managed to avoid unnecessary visits.